Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ah Jon in pain today

Today, for some reason, Ah Jon didn't put on his usual Ketotop plaster. He went to class and came back limping. Then he skipped dinner and went to sleep. I realised that he was in pain but didn't know how painful it was.
Then I realised that tear came streaming down and only then I realised that he was in real pain. It was so painful that even the wind from the fan was hurting! So, he put on his plaster but because the pain already set in, the relieve won't come immediately.
I noticed that he loves to soak in hot bath while we were staying in hotel. So I cleaned up our bath tub and fill it up with hot water for him to soak in. Thanks God that the pain was relieved!
I also noticed from the blood test that his ESR has gone up. This is not good as it is showing sign of infection/inflamation. I think the pain and this ESR are related.
Do continue to pray for him. Ask God to reverse back his chromosome 9 and 22 as they are the culprit in all these problems!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ah Jon received his medication today

Ah Jon is now doing his fortnightly blood test in Miri. His last test, done last Thursday, showed not much changes in his readings.
Haemoglobin: 102 g/L showed a slight drop by 1 point
RBC: 3.28 drop from 3.35 (should increase)
White blood count is now 3.7x10^9/L, a drop of 0.1 point which is not good.
ESR has gone up to 28 which is not good. This is an indication of infection.

Three siblings had gone for HLA typing to see whether they are suitable as bone marrow donor. So far, none has matched. So, only two eldest girls left!

If you were to ask him how he felt, he will tell you that everything is ok. Thanks God that he continue to take the drug without fail. Only concern is that he is not drinking enough water.

Today, he got a stack of mask. This is just a prevention as Curtin is full of smog and also the threat from H1N1.

I thank all friends who have been very concerned about him.