Monday, September 28, 2009


Ah Jon had a fever yesterday. I think he had a chill when he went to take shower while in Limbang. Upon reaching home last night, his temperature was 38.5 degC!
Mummy was so concerned that he got H1N1! But thanks God that he took 1 gm of VitC + panadol last night. Esther helped to massage his leg and he went to take a shower.
This morning everything was ok. Thanks and praise be to our God!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doctor's Review

Ah Jon went to Normah today for his review. His fortnightly blood test can now be reduced to monthly test. Only problem now is his complain about pain in the joints, especially on the knee cap area. So, he has a detailed MRI scan of his knee bone. The specialist found that his condition is in good condition. I shall post again when I have more information.
The mum is in Kuching with him.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ah Jon blood condition

Ah Jon blood test has shown a general improvement over the last one. We hope for a complete remission in six months.
Tomorrow, he will go to Kuching with mummy for a review with doctor Lau. And mummy will see a specialist there to check out why there is a minute traces of blood in her urine over the last many years. As we are both going to retire soon, we might as well use our medical benefit to ensure that we retire healthy.
Ah Jon pain-in his-bone is still there. Some said that it is due to the shrinking of his bone due to the "expansion" due to the bone marrow. We have no idea whether this is true. Anyway, do continue t o pray for him that his pain will go off and his response to Gliveec will continue to be positive.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ah Jon went for blood test again

Ah Jon went for his fortnightly blood test yesterday. The result should be available by tomorrow. He complained that the needle used was a bit large. But how about the pain? He said... already got used!
I am concerned about his CK factor, ie, muscle enzyme. It has been increasingly steadily over the months. He complain today that the Ketotop has lost it effectiveness. So, his muscle pain is causing him some problem. Please do pray that his muscle pain will go away and that his body will get used to the drug and will not have adverse side effect.
I am planing to bring him to Kuching in two weeks for the specialist review. We cut the visit down from every fortnight to every 6 weeks.