Sunday, March 6, 2011

He is now on a new drug

Ah Jon went for a review with Dr. Ng in Sime Darby Medical on Wednesday/Thursday, 2/3 March 2011. Dr. Ng think that he is suffering from Glivec intolerance due to his constant knee pain. The last time I reported that his knee pain was gone was in fact returned after only a week.
This time, he is given Tasigna, Nilotinib, a even more potent drug. I hope that he is not intolerance to this drug.
This drug is supposed to be better and is supposed to help him to achieve his molecular remission faster. His BCR/ABL result for end of last November was 0.133. The reading is supposed to be halved every three months. For him, he just missed the target by a small point.
Anyway, we keep our fingers crossed and pray that he will not suffer any serious reaction from his body. And that his knee pain will go away for good.
Cost wise, this drug will cost a staggering RM17K (US$5.1K) per month!! However, thanks to Novartis, they are giving 50% discount at the moment, which make it cheaper than Glivec, which cost nearly RM10K per month.
Please do pray for him that he will not suffer any adverse reaction, he will reach his molecular remission even faster and can be taken off the drug sooner.

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