Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Best news of the day

After almost a year on Tasigna, the doctor announced today that Ah Jon BCR-ABL is undetectable. So, Jonathan is in complete molecular remission. In simple term, his cancer cell is not detectable any more. This is the best news of the day.

Just a summary:
1. He was on Glivec until March last year. His BCR-ABL reading was 0.013
2. He was prescribed with Tasigna, Nilotinib. Supposed to take 800mg a day but we stick on to 400mg (200mg twice a day) after the initial 3 months trial.
3. He is now asked to stick to 200mg twice a day and may need to continue taking the drug for 5 more years. The key thing now is to ensure that this cell does not return.

There are many godly people praying for him. And I have to thank God for his healing. All praises be to Him! And thanks for all your prayers.